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BOOK REVIEW | The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan

The Sea of Monsters - Rick Riordan

I'm really starting to feel like I'm not the intended audience for this.


While this book was still cute, it boarded way too close on cheesy multiple times throughout the novel. The plot is rather contrived and convoluted, and things only work out for Percy and his friends because the author wants it to happen. There is no logical course of events. It's all just wrapped up with a pretty bow on top of it and I'm supposed to accept their last minute rescues like that's good planning or good writing. But it's not. Maybe if I had read this 15-years ago I would have been enchanted. The fact that Percy gets rescued repeatedly or has some last minute brilliant idea that makes no sense would have been fine because I would be able to feel more engaged in the story. But as it stands, I'm just not feeling engaged.


The simplicity of the writing is really starting to get to me. And when there is simple writing and simple plots, it means there is simple characters, too. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that Percy, who went through his own Quest last summer and saw monsters galore, cannot figure out that the 6'3" kid who is in his 7th grade class isn't a regular kid. I cannot accept that Percy wouldn't be unnerved by a random shadow with no body. I can't even believe that his mother would overlook these things. It's all just a way for the plot to build, but it's done so poorly that it's ridiculous. And this is done multiple times. There are so many instances where something is so obvious that I'm baffled as to how Percy missed it. Instead of the ignorance adding to the plot, it makes the characters seem stupid and it's also incredibly unrealistic given their circumstances.


I was unhappy with how Rick Riordan portrayed villains in my last review. While that wasn't nearly as bad - and there were even some heroes who were "ugly" in the story - it was still there a bit. But "a bit" is tolerable. Every chapter, which is my issue with The Lightning Thief, is exhausting.


Overall, I'm starting to lose interest in this series. I'll still read the rest of it simply because I own all of the books, but I'm not nearly as excited as I was before. I really hope the series will redeem itself for me.