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AUDIOBOOK REVIEW | At Grave's End by Jeaniene Frost

At Grave's End - Jeaniene Frost

I can't exactly pinpoint why I'm rating this two less stars than the first two in the series, only that I didn't find "At Grave's End" to be as compelling as the first two Night Huntress novels were. Perhaps it's because the formulaic feeling of the books is beginning to feel redundant and recycled, or because the main villains are dispatched too quickly and too easily, or because I know who's safe and who's not so even if the author tries to trick me into thinking a main character is dead, I know it isn't true. Because it's just not that type of novel and it's not trying to accomplish that.


However, when so much of the book is focused more on the action and war aspect than the romance aspect the solid safety that certain characters possess becomes boring. Maybe I've been influenced by "Game of Thrones," but I want to feel anxious when I read a battle scene. I want to be sitting at the edge of my seat, rooting for the side I'm on to come out victorious. I didn't feel that in this novel and maybe that's where I began to become disenchanted.


Clearly, I'm still interested in the series, as my 3* rating proves, I'm just not in love with this installment like I was with the first two. I take Goodreads' rating system seriously and 3* means "I liked it." And I did! I just wish there had been more meat in the war between the vampires (and that it hadn't be resolved so quickly). I'm also swiftly growing uncomfortable with Bones' - the main love interest - protective and jealous nature. There was a scene in particular, after they had just finished a job where he becomes ultra alpha-like all because she was doing her job and had to seduce another man. I'm sitting there on the edge of my couch with my head in my hands wondering why it's okay for someone to be so overbearing and demanding to their partner. And, of course, he makes her tell him exactly where the other guy kissed her so that he can kiss her there, too - and make sure he kisses her better. Gag me with your petty and childish behavior, why don't you? (This may also be where another star got scraped off.)


Overall, I'm still very much enjoying the series. I'm not quite as excited to start listening to the next books in the series, but I have high hopes for this