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AUDIOBOOK REVIEW | One Foot in the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

One Foot in the Grave - Jeaniene Frost


Original reaction:

these books are so fun.
must buy third book because yes

Actual review:

LOL, so I was really overwhelmed with happiness during this book because just yes, yes, yes! I was so happy to jump back into the Night Huntress adventure again. In the last installment

the heroine left Bones behind because she was trying to protect him and I was so upset. In this installment, Bones didn't appear until I was at the 2 HOUR mark. I had to listen to two hours worth of book without him, but it's okay because the next seven hours were filled with joy.

(show spoiler)

Not sure why I put that in a spoiler. I'm assuming if you're reading this review, you've 1) read the first book or 2) don't plan on reading these books at all. Better safe than sorry, I suppose.

It was refreshing to get back into Kat's head and follow her adventures… and there are quite a few adventures in this book. Everything from vampires to ghouls to new boyfriends/girlfriends to Fight Club-esque scenes and creepy-old-men-who-don't-look-old-because-they're-dead. All I can say is that if you liked the first one, the second is just as good. Quite often, when I read romance series, the second book is always better than the first. And there is this general increase in how "good" a book is to me as the series goes on (until it goes on for too long; I'm looking at you, Anita Blake). Therefore, using that logic, I'm expecting the next book to be even better than this one.

All right, so I guess I should cover it since I covered it in the last one… the sex. LOL, I can't even with this book. That sex scene was out of control. I'm cracking up right now just remembering it. Once again, you can skip it. (There are two, actually. One quite short one that didn't really embarrass me because I was like YAY GET IT ON FINALLY and one that had me like OMG THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN HOW IS THIS EVEN I CAN'T FORM A COHERENT THOUGHT.) It was about eight minutes of pure, very strange, sex. I have no regrets.

Overall, I'm still loving this series! I think you can tell from my way-too-excited-and-not-very-thought-out-review that I'm having a lot of fun with it. I am so excited to dive into the third one.