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Review: A New Shoujo Horror!

Meisou Kuiki, Volume 1 - Yutori Honjou

I have mixed feelings...

Ever since I finished the manga series Arisa, Vol. 01, I've been itching to read some more shoujo horror. I love the concept of the sweet-looking artwork and shoujo archetypal characters with the dark undertones. For some reason, it just feels perfect to me.

"Meisou Kuiki" is certainly a shoujo horror, but it is slow going. Volume 1 has left nothing answered and so far I am much more concerned about this "onichan" than the actual murder that occurred. The pacing is off. Sometimes it moves with grace and the dialogue is a slow and beautiful reveal, and other times it's really jarring and fast and I feel like it was added in last minute. 

And, you know, these kids are pretty cavalier for a bunch of high schoolers who were involved in a murder.

I think I'll continue onto the second volume and see if it picks up. Part of being in the genre of horror means there's at least a bit of action that is supposed to happen, so I'm hoping it happens soon.