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"You must become so free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." -Albert Camus

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30 Day Book Challenge: Day 10 - A Book That Reminds You of Home.

Twilight  - Stephenie Meyer

When I was a junior in High School, Twilight hit the scene.  I picked up the book due to a recommendation from my friend, Lia.  I really liked it, so I lent it to one of my friends.  This friend happened to be a very popular girl in our HS and well-liked by everyone. Because she liked the book, too, she started passing it around to her friends (with my permission).


Before I knew it, almost all of the junior girls had read it and some of the sophomore and freshmen girls, too.  (I went to a private school, so that's why it went so quickly.  My graduating class only had 50 people in it.)  I still laugh about how quickly it circulated and how many girls suddenly knew who I was because of it.  Whenever I see Twilight, I always think about that year of High School and it reminds me of my youth.