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Review: Bound by Night by Larissa Ione

Bound By Night - Larissa Ione

I am so disappointed to be giving this book two stars! I should preface this by saying everything else by this author has been a great hit for me. I love her Demonica series and can't wait to start her Lords of Deliverance series - which I have heard is as fantastic as her sex demons. One of the things I love about her Demonica series is the crazy, over-the-top, blush-inducing, this-doesn't-happen-in-real-life sex scenes. This book had none of those. :(


Well, that's okay because it's a separate series. This series deals with vampires, not crazed sex demons, so clearly the sex is going to be a bit toned down. I mean, there's still plenty of it. I think there were four decent scenes, so this wonderful lady is not going to deprive you of your sexy-times, don't you worry. I guess I just wanted something more, if that makes sense.


I have to question the basic premise of this book, though. I mean, why are vampires slaves exactly if they're better than humans in every way? They're stronger, faster... they're a natural predatory and humanity is their prey. If that is the case, I feel like history should have taken a different turn and humans would be the ones enslaved, not vampires. I don't see how through the years it was vampires that were enslaved, but maybe that will be explained as the series progresses.


I also didn't like how Riker and Nicole - the two main characters - had sexy-times with each other even though there was so much hatred in the air. I guess hate sex can be okay, but Nicole was literally afraid of him. She is terrified of vampires and their culture and everything they stand for because of what happened to her, but she suddenly forgot about that in the heat of the moment? She forgot about something she's been in therapy for years for because she wanted to bang a vampire? Just... what? That's not how phobias and fears work.


Also, LOL @ the fact that she had a serious illness that would kill her and it's never brought up again after she changes. Shouldn't she be jumping for joy that she's not going to die?

(show spoiler)


All in all, if this had been my first Larissa Ione book, I probably would have loved it a lot more. But because I've already read other things by her - things that I really, really love - it fell flat for me. Regardless, I will probably end up reading the second book because, man, that Epilogue was intense!