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Badly Behaving BookLiker Checking In!

So, I just logged on to find out that I am on STGRB new blacklist of BookLikers!  


Even though I've never attacked an author, left an "author" review, had an "author" shelf, attacked a fellow Goodreader (why would I?) or BookLiker (once again, why would I?); even though I've written three reviews since I've been on BookLikes, two of which were positive...


I'm reasonably (as in definitely) sure that this is pure guilt by association.


I don't know.  I have to say I'm surprised.  On GR, I had a little over 100 friends and 16 followers, so I am clearly a tiny tot in the world of reviewing, but now I'm on a list with all the big dogs.  Really!?  This is awesome!


I feel like I'm running with the cool kids now.   


Here's the list, btw: http://www.stopthegrbullies.com/badly-behaving-booklikers/


ETA: I also got an influx of new followers because of being on that list. *waves* Thanks for following!  I'm excited to talk about books on an awesome site like this. ^_^