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It started strong, but ended weak.

Arisa, Vol. 12 - Natsumi Ando

I started out really loving this series, but each installment left me feeling less and less enthusiastic about it. For one, I think these books moved way too fast. This is a creepy story and should be treated as such. Sometimes it almost felt like I was reading an action manga because the pacing was all over the place. If it weren't for the "what is going on?" factor, I probably would have dropped this series halfway through. I kept reading because I wanted to know King's identity, then I wanted to know Arisa's secret, then their plans, etc. I think this is what really kept me going.


The art work is beautiful. I really loved that the mangaka had such cute characters doing such devilish things. It really made the manga feel more jarring. You had these adorable girls and boys doing horrible, horrible things and that made it all the more twisted. I do wish that the characters had been more introspective though, a la "Death Note". Because the characters really did more doing than thinking, I felt like I only briefly got to know each person. Considering this is a character-centric manga, I think that was a huge downfall.


I wish there had been more tragedy in this story. It's like... everyone is getting hurt left and right, but no one is actually dying and I'm sitting here thinking that at least one person needs to die to balance out the chi going on here. Also, the ending... I won't ruin it for anyone, but I will say that, for me, it was way too happy-go-lucky and unrealistic. Yes, it's manga and manga is never realistic, but it really felt out of place.