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Adorable with a dash of CREEPY.

Arisa 1 - Natsumi Ando

I saw someone post a review of this on Goodreads and thought I'd check it out for the heck of it.  I ended up reading about 20 chapters in one sitting because it was just that good.  The art is beautiful, the characters are interesting and this is really dark.  When compared with the adorable style, the creepiness of the actual story is almost off-putting, but it's also so compelling that I can't wait to read all of the available chapters


Two twins were separated in their parent's divorce.  Arisa went to live with her lawyer mother and Uehara stayed with her father and because the Demon Princess of her middle school.  She is known for getting into fights and losing her temper quickly, but she's actually a sweet girl who would love to have a girl friend.  After three years of constant snail mail, Arisa and Uehara meet up and reconnect.  During this time Arisa has the brilliant idea that Uehara should go to her school dresses as her a la "Parent Trap".  And it's here where Uehara discovers a dark secret kept by class 2-B and an even darker secret kept by her sister.


Of course this is manga, so there are a lot of elements that are a bit unbelievable.  You're going to have to suspend your disbelief to a place far, far away for this one, but i think if you can do that, then you'll definitely enjoy yourself.