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Day of the Dragon - Richard A. Knaak I enjoy Richard Knaak's writing. I like the way that he describes areas and people and find myself imagining them perfectly and not just because I play the video game, but because he describes them well. He has a knack (pun intended) for description. That being said, I was a bit disappointed at how Knaak handled the romance between Vereesa and Rhonin. They only travelled together for about a week before everything horrible happened. Not enough time had elapsed for the two of them to be recalling each other's faces in dire circumstances. I felt like their romance was forced and unnatural. I almost wish it had just been left out of the book completely and that their relationship remained strictly platonic in this book.

This book was like a piece of chocolate. Delicious, sweet and over a bit too fast. It can also leave you feeling wanting, satiated or unsatisfied in the end, depending on you. I liked the book and was satisfied with it. I had a fun ride and am eager to start the next one to further my knowledge of Warcraft lore. It makes playing the video game a much deeper experience.

There were a few inaccuracies in this book that left me a bit confused, however. For one, Deathwing is older than Tyran. I am a bit surprised that no one caught this in the editing process. Deathwing is an Aspect, one of the five original dragons and Tyran is a consort of the red queen. There is no comparison. An Aspect would be centuries older than a consort. Also, the Demon Soul was created by Deathwing, yes, but according to the War of the Ancients trilogy, Deathwing used it during the battle against the Burning Legion, not after.

Other than those minor complaints I really enjoyed this book and will continue reading all of the Warcraft novels. I might even start on Knaak's own series. I'm curious to see what his original stuff is like.