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"You must become so free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." -Albert Camus

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Lord of the Clans - Christie Golden
"Kagh! Bin mog g'thazag cha!"

Translated to human tongue, this means: Run! I will protect you! And with these words, I fell in love with the Orcs, their culture, their beliefs and this book.

Golden has a gift. She wove the tale of Thrall's childhood, his succession into power and his grand leadership with skill and grace. This book made me cry. It is rare for me to shed tears over a book, although I have been known to slam some shut in indignation or throw them across the room in absolute anger; but it was the time, place and mood I was in at the moment combined with the beautiful scene that Golden created, and it moved me deeply. It moved me with those strange and orcish words.

Golden's writing is fast-paced and full of talent. I truly believe that even if you have never played the video game, you will appreciate this book. It tells of a young orc, forced into slavery from birth by the very race he is in war against, coming of age and claiming his birthright and becoming a fine and honorable leader. I believe that most people will appreciate, and maybe even relate to, Thrall's story, his discovery of kindness, honor and mercy and find themselves rooting for him. I, for one, could not wait for him to extract his revenge and it was sweet indeed.

Overall, I recommend this book to everyone. I cannot sing it's praises high enough. I never wanted to stop reading and I cursed my silly human needs of sleep and eating ;). This is an excellent story and I cannot wait to check out her other novels.