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Necromancer: A Novella  - Lish McBride The title of this is misleading as this is not a novella, this is most assuredly a short story.

Regardless, it was a very fun and very heart-warming short story. In this, the reader gets to meet Ash, ten-year-old Harbringer of Death in her saddle shoes, her Catholic school girl outfit and her occasional parka. The first-person narration revolves around Matt, a seventeen year old boy who is barely living his life -- he's existing through it. Ash and Matt were best friends until she died of cancer at the age of ten.

And then came back.

I read this before the novel. Once again, I love McBride's writing. Even though it centers around some very creepy elements (like death as the most obvious one), she keeps it light. But it's light without becoming meaningless. She is able to somehow balance the depth of relationships with the lighthearted humor that permeates her writing. I am very much looking forward to reading the novel.