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Last Train to Jubilee Bay - Kali Wallace Lucy lives in a world where people trade their memories for a serum that will bring them peace amidst all of their chaos. She is a runner, someone who takes the memories of the people, written down on papers, to the traders for the serum. The serum is addicting and most people need it to survive -- so what happens when the traders stop coming and the serum stops erasing?

I had never heard of Kari Wallace before reading this story, but I was browsing Tor.com and thought, "Hey! It's only 32 pages. Why not give it a go?" I am so glad that I did! In 32 pages Ms. Wallace is able to create a stunning and vivid world, relay to the reader what has happened and what is happening as well as deeply define the main protagonist, Lucy. I love that she doesn't spell it out for the readers. She trusts her readers to have enough knowledge and grasp of the plot to be able to put two-and-two together. That is a sign of strong writing.

I would gladly recommend this to anyone looking for a quick read with a dark twist, anyone who is a fan of science fiction or post-apocalyptic novels and anyone looking to pass time in an interesting way.