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Song of Scarabaeus - Sara Creasy Okay... I was definitely not expecting this book to be so amazing! I also have to admit that I thought there would be a lot more romance than there was. Let's clarify this: if you go into this expecting sexytimes or romantic scenes, you will be very disappointed. This is a sci fi book, pure and simple. It will give you action, adventure, fun tech jargon and futuristic awesomeness. It will not give you romance. The only reason that threw me off was because I read this for the Vaginal Fantasy Book Club.

I will say I was a bit disappointed when I discovered there would be zero sex scenes in this novel, but I think everything else that happens more than compensates for that. This novel shocked me in so many ways. The jargon is not easy to understand at first, but I think that if you keep on past the 30% mark, it will all become clearer. If you don't like tech jargon, then this book might not be for you. Personally, I am a huge fan of that kind of thing so it always made me really happy when they'd start speaking about things I barely understood.

Every character in this book is fleshed out and real. They all have their own ambitions, their own desires, their own reasons for doing whatever it is they're doing. Sometimes those ambitions collide, other times they run parallel to each other. I loved that every character had a motivation, a backstory. Not one of the main characters fell flat for me. And only one of the side characters did, but that was because we didn't get to see much of her.

Edie and Finn's relationship is tense. I'm still unsure about how I feel about it. A lot of what Finn did is clouded in uncertainty, but that's because this novel is through Edie's POV. Overall, however, I really wasn't affected by my uncertainty because I liked this novel for its plot line, not its romance. Once again I will emphasize this: you will be disappointed if you want romance (in my opinion).

I hate writing reviews for books that I just really loved because I never know how to properly explain my feelings about those books. All in all, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think this is a book that all sci fi lovers should try out.