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Stardust - Neil Gaiman This book must be what magic tastes like.

I have owned Stardust for a long time but never picked it up out of my bookshelf. When I came to Poland, I decided to grab my smallest books to bring with me so I would have some hard copies to read (I do have my Kindle here), but they wouldn't take up much space/weigh down my suitcase. Stardust was one of those books.

I don't know what I was expecting. I remember seeing the movie back when it came out and thinking it was cute, but not much more. This book is a fairy tale, plain and simple. It is fast-paced without too much character development. There is some, of course, but that's not the focus of the story. The focus is the adventures. The focus is the magic. It's written in fairy tale fashion and would be a perfect bed time story. Although I do have to admit there were some scenes that made me question what age demographic this is supposed to be aimed towards, but that was just a fleeting thought.

On technicalities alone, this might not be a five-star book. But I felt something while I was reading it. I felt like a little bit of the magic that had been written on the pages came to life and that I had entered a world that was welcoming and enchanting and everything that you want a world to be. I liked the main characters. I liked that they were rather two dimensional in a world that felt so real it was overwhelming.

This book has made it onto my "personal favorite" shelves, so I don't know how to really review it. It's so hard because I am clearly biased; I fell in love with this book. My only thought is that people who enjoyed The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making might very well find themselves enjoying this book, too.