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(Disclaimer: Well, it was a read-a-long until someone got greedy and decided to read the entire book in one sitting. Not saying any names though. *coughBrandicough* ;)).

What an absolutely fantastic tale this is. It's 2:20AM and I should be asleep considering I have work tomorrow, but I just had to finish this book. It gripped me. It stole my breath away and took me into its pages where it would not release me until I had devoured every single last word.

Much like Stephen did to Mary Shelley.

This is a well-researched, well-written book. It's difficult to write a review on a book that you loved so much because where are the words? They're still there, somewhere, but my mind is in this muddled state of confusion after having read something so poignant and beautiful. Somehow this novel manages to be gooseflesh creepy and still hauntingly beautiful at the same time. It tackles the concepts of ghosts and an afterlife and never once gets preachy. It has a main heroine who is strong, intelligent and compassionate, all by herself. She doesn't need anyone to validate these things in her because she knows she is good enough. She knows she is more than good enough. It was so wonderful to read from the point of view of a young woman who is so self assured and confident.

Considering this novel takes place in the year 1918, a year that devastated the USA with its outbreak of the Spanish Influenza and World War I, it is dark. The setting makes it so. The situations - the ghosts and the seances and the possessions - just cement the atmosphere that was created on page one.

If you enjoyed A Certain Slant of Light, then I think you will enjoy this book. If you enjoy atmospheric novels, beautifully written works and reading about young girls ready to conquer the world, then this might very well be a book worth your time.