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The Shattered Mountain: A Girl of Fire and Thorns Novella - Rae Carson It's no secret that I am in love with the universe that Rae Carson has created. Although I haven't been able to snatch up the second book in the series, yet, I have read her first novel and both following novellas. Each time I am transported back to her world that is so heavily influenced by Spanish culture, I feel as if I am really there.

In about 80 pages, Carson took me on Mara's journey. Because I read the actual novel so long ago, I confess that I had trouble remembering who Mara even was. (As she continued on, I figured it out, though). This short story takes place at the same exact time as Girl of Fire and Thorns, and the reader even gets to see Elisa again.

Mara is quiet and introverted, but she is brave and loyal. She is unafraid and never backs down. She is intelligent, resourceful and a good leader, even when she doesn't want to be one. Although it would have been nearly impossible for Carson to flesh out every character in this 80 page story, I did find myself really involved in certain characters' lives and I could feel the differences in their personalities.

If you're a fan of Carson and the universe she's created, then definitely pick up this short story. If you like reading about smart girls who take care of themselves and others, girls who want to save the world, girls who are resourceful and don't panic, then try this out.