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Morning Glories, Vol. 4: Truants - Nick Spencer, Joe Eisma There will probably be spoilers in this that are not hidden by the spoiler tags because I am way too disappointed to even bother with those, so read this at your own risk. You have been warned.

Well, count me in among those who are sorely disappointed with this series.

It started out so strong. I remember writing that the first volume in this series was the best comic I had ever read and, at that time, it was true. I still hail it as one of the best things ever, but only the first volume. The second was good, the third was okay and then there's this... this 216 pages worth of what the hell is going on and where are my answers. This is not how you end a season.

Before I even get into how disappointed I am with them for not giving me any answers, let me just get it off my chest with how uncomfortable I am about the similarities to LOST. At first they were passable and forgivable, but now I feel like they are legitimately ripping off that series. There is a strange man named Abraham who knew all the children before they came to the school -- this is almost exactly the same as Jacob going to all of the people who would eventually end up on the island before they got there. The school basically exists in a time warp, much like the island on LOST does and when they flip times, there is a bright, shining light. That could be a forgivable similarity, but not when the premise is exactly the same. There are bizarre and unexplainable things happening in the school that are all linked to towers and explanations, exactly like LOST. Um... could there be a lawsuit in there somewhere, too?

Now, I'm just going to list the things that we learned from this season:

- the school exists in a time warp.
- David is Abraham's son; so is Ike.
- Hunter may or may not be Abraham. (Jade telling him that he builds all that stuff, for example, plus they look almost exactly the same).
- Zoe SOMEHOW knew what was going on and was playing the game.
- Abraham used to run a school for students to infiltrate the Academy and Hisao went there.

So, what didn't we learn?:

- who the headmaster is.
- what, exactly, David is and how he exists.
- what they're supposed to see when they shut their eyes.
- why these particular children were chosen.
- why we have flashbacks into the far, far past.
- what 8:13 means (maybe a Bible verse?).
- why the school exists in the first place.
- why the hell they need to stop running and what they're running from.
- when the hour of their release is going to draw near and why the fuck it has been supposedly drawing near for over 400 years. That is not near. That is far, far away.
- what their "better future" is.
- anything important.

Basically, we learned a bunch of details. We learned nothing important and only had more questions tacked onto the ones that have already been festering for four entire volumes.

Questions raised in this volume alone:

- how does Hodges know everything, even when she is a child?
- how did Hunter build all of the stuff in the Academy?
- why the hell is adult Jade walking around in the same time zone as young Jade? Doesn't that mess stuff up?
- how the children can not only move through time, but also to different areas (Sumer, for example).
- is Casey going to save her parents/ how she is going to help the children/ how she is the only one who can help them/ how she is playing god/ anything about Casey at all.

I really don't think I'll be continuing with this series, which is such a shame because I really enjoyed the first three installments. I have a feeling this is going to end up like LOST as well, with a bunch of gaping plot holes and a rushed ending.